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Sunday, 06 September 2015 19:00

Case welding India

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กรณีศึกษา Case welding Rail - Road Crossing in front India

Name of Authorized Distributor

Millennium Products & Services, VIP - 120 ,Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar – 751015, Orissa , India

Job Detail

(Please follow closely the job detail specified here to submit your success story)

  1. End User: Tata Steel Limited, Jamshedpur, India

The Tata Group is a global enterprise headquartered in India, and comprises over 100
operating companies in seven business sectors. It is among the ten global Steel companies
with annual crude steel capacity of over 29MTPA. It is now the world’s second most
geographically – diversified steel producer, with operations in 26 countries and commercial
presence in over 50 countries.

Tata Steel, Jamshedpur alone produces 9.7 MTPA crude steel.

      2.Information of equipment repaired (Pictures required - 300 dpi jpeg




-       Name of the equipment:Rail - Road Crossing in front of WRM Canteen
General Dimensions of equipment:

-       Type of base metal / metals involved:

-       Service condition :


  1. 3.       Details of problem or failure which was solved by welding:

A small portion of rail was broken at the expansion join area and it was very difficult
to take a decision for the department to go for weld or to change the rail. Changing
of rail is always suggestable but we have assured them that we can weld even this
small portion of rail with our Magna – 303 electrode. So we repaired the same with
Magna – 303 electrode and is running successfully till date.


  1. 4.       What were the options of welding products?

-       Brand & type of welding product/s previously used

-       Quantity of consumption (in Kg / Month or Year)


  1. Why MAGNA was chosen?  (Application pictures required - 300 dpi jpeg)

     This track was subject to heavy traffic as the billets from CC(Continuous 

Casting)  being transferred to Rolling Mill. The repair of this track involves changing of complete
track and also the concreting job at site. So the idea was evolved that if the broken piece could
be welded in- situ condition, lot of time and cost could be saved. So we took up this challenge
and welded the broken portion with Magna – 303 Gold Electrode in-situ condition. 


  1. 6.    Electrode Used:


Magna – 303 , 3.96mm, Qty – 2 Kg

      Magna – 100, 3.96mm, Qty – 1 Kg     


  1. 7.       Welding Procedure and Parameters used.

The broken portion was placed in its position and tag welding was done. The job was pre-heated
up to 1500 C and interpass temperature was maintained throughout the execution of the welding.
Every pass was pinned properly except the root run. After completion of the job, the welded portion
was hammered till the hammer starts bouncing.


  1. Benefits experienced by customer.

A lot of cost was saved by avoiding complete change of Rail and Concreting Job at site.


Customer’s Testimonial



Dear Mr.Banerjee 

The broken piece of Rail welded with Magna electrode near WRM canteen is running successfully
for last one month. We have not faced any problem there after this welding. This welding of Rail
with this electrode has helped us to eliminate the replacement of complete Rail along with concreting
job at the site. It has saved total down time of 10 hrs.
We appreciate your team's effort of welding job.

With regards,

Engineering Services.
PH- 0657-6644187 (O)
Mob: 09204058566 

Picture/s of the Job

Please attach legible picture/s of the job along with the personnel-in-charge. (Pictures 300 dpi jpeg
in stages like job before repair, various stages of repair and after completion of repair are most welcome), 

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